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Throughout November, the legends and storytelling tradition in Wales will be celebrated in S4C's Chwedlau season of programmes.

To coincide with the Year of Legends, promoted by Visit Wales in 2017, the month will include a collection of programmes that combine ancient and contemporary legends.

Chwedloni places people's stories at the heart of the celebrations, combined with programmes that celebrate our ancient legends and individuals who deserve the 'legendary' title themselves.

The aim of the project is to gather Wales’ local legends, the people’s legends, your new legends which continue our rich oral tradition.

Over 50 stories have been collected, from all corners of Wales, from all walks of life.  On this site you can watch all of those stories, make your own playlists, find your favourites to share on social media, and continue that legend’s journey into the future.

After all, a legend shared is a legend made.

Created in partnership between S4C and Visit Wales.